Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg

Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg

The CHL is a public institution managed under the supervision of the Minister of Health. It is administered by an Administrative Commission made up of 13 members representing the Ministry of Health, the City of Luxembourg and the FNM (Fondation Norbert Metz). The CHL is managed by a Director General, assisted by a Director for the medical, care, administrative and financial departments.

Opened in 1976 and currently with a capacity of 579 beds, the CHL is a centre for diagnosis, care, treatment, hospitalisation, research and teaching. The CHL currently comprises 4 institutions, including the Grande-Duchesse Charlotte Maternity Hospital, the Paediatric Clinic, the Municipal Hospital and, since 2003, the Eich Clinic.

The CHL is the 10th largest employer in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The CHL employs over 2,000 people in more than 50 different professions. They include some 300 doctors and 1,000 nurses and carers.

Every year, the CHL admits some 29,000 patients and welcomes around 280,000 patients to its policlinic. The ambition of the multidisciplinary teams is to provide care that is adapted to the demands of the 21st century and to the changing needs of patients, with a focus on well-being and efficiency.

Since it was founded, the CHL has pursued a policy of supporting and developing medical research, and plays an active role in teaching future doctors and other healthcare professionals.



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Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg
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L-1210 Luxembourg
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