Groupe Tricentenaire

Groupe Tricentenaire

The Tricentenaire ensures, in collaboration with the persons themselves and their families, the organisations working in the field of disability and its supervisory Ministries, and this, within the framework of an educational project of a socio-pedagogical type based on a concept of global approach centred on the person in his human dignity and quality of life, the reception and human assistance in the management of the daily life of people with disabilities, in particular through accommodation, activity in specialised day centres, coordination and provision of assistance and care, psychosocial and therapeutic support, training and work, sport and leisure activities, as well as social integration.



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Groupe Tricentenaire
2B, rue de la Gare
L-7228 Helmsange / Walferdange
Contact person Mr Patrick Koenig
Phone 33 22 33 505