Gemeng Suessem

Gemeng Suessem

The municipality of Sanem in the south, together with its four villages (Belvaux, Soleuvre, Sanem and Ehlerange) borders Esch-Alzette and France, and it makes up the largest municipality in terms of size in the canton of Esch-Alzette. Sanem offers its residents plenty of nature so you don’t have to go far to spend time outdoors. Belvaux, the most heavily populated town in the municipality, experienced an enormous increase in population with the establishment of the metal industry around 1900. The industrial wasteland on which a modern district is being built, is located mainly in the territory of Belvaux.

Sanem Castle, located in Sanem, managed to preserve its charm despite the development of the iron and steel industry in the Minette basin. The listed building has been owned by the Luxembourg State since 1972 and with its surrounding garden it is the perfect venue for outdoor events such as the annual “Summerfeeling” and “Wanterfeeling” event.



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Gemeng Suessem
60, rue de la Poste
L-4477 Belvaux
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