Fondation Cancer

Fondation Cancer

Our vision

"To live one day in a world without cancer is the hope we all share.

For our children, our grandchildren and the generations to come, our mission is to act to help make this world a cancer-free world. With the help of our donors, we are working tirelessly to achieve this vision.

Our mission

Since its creation, the Cancer Foundation has pursued four missions:

  • to reduce the number of cases of cancer
  • to reduce the number of deaths from cancer
  • to help those affected by cancer by improving their quality of life to support research.

To achieve this, it mobilises all its skills to support patients, raise public awareness through prevention campaigns and fund research, which is essential to the development of new therapies and, one day, a universal cure.

Our values

The Cancer Foundation is driven by strong values:

  • Respect for the life of each individual
  • Integrity, in our dealings with patients and donors alike
  • Solidarity, through our presence and attentiveness at all times and without conditions
  • Commitment, with you and for you, by ensuring that everyone receives the help and information they need.

Our team

Our team fights every day to prevent cancer, save lives and reduce the suffering caused by the disease. We do this by supporting research, education, advocacy and services. Meet the men and women who are dedicated to helping alleviate the pain and suffering associated with cancer.

Come and join us!



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Fondation Cancer
209, Route d'Arlon
L-1150 Luxembourg
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