Caritas Jeunes & Familles

Caritas Jeunes & Familles

Welcome to Caritas Jeunes et Familles, a Luxembourg association with 37 years of commitment. Our mission is simple and ambitious: "Together, let's build the future of your children and young people". Every day, our employees work in the fields of children, young people and families to support our beneficiaries throughout their lives, whatever their background or needs. Our commitment is rooted in solidarity and caring.

Early childhood :

In our 14 crèches, we welcome children who do not attend school and those who do, offering them an environment rich in experience. Our mobile Bookmobile travels around these crèches, promoting languages, reading and providing stimulating educational tools.

Children and young people:

Our 14 Maisons Relais and 6 day and night care homes offer a space where children and young people can develop in complete safety.

In addition, our supported housing service, SLEMO, guides young adults towards independent living. Our Streetwork, Neighbourhood Services and Youth Centres teams are on the ground to support young people. In addition, youngcaritas offers holiday camps, training and community projects.

Our inclusion and integration teams work specifically with children whose families have or are applying for international protection.

The family:

Our Dys-positiv service supports children with learning disabilities, while the FARE service works with families in difficulty. Isipsy and the KJT offer psychological support to those who need it.

Our figures:

712 dedicated staff
19 municipalities covered

This vast and ambitious mission is made possible by the professionalism, solidarity and benevolence of our employees.

Join us in building the future of your children and young people together.



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